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      Deer Hair Sculpin


      The Deer Hair Sculpin is a realistic imitation of a sculpin and goby. The large profile head moves water and alerts hungry predators. It's ideal for targeting monster brown trout, steelhead and big smallmouth bass. The tail feathers are intentionally disheveled to create lots of movement. At 4 inches long, it’s one step larger than the Scoby. Also an excellent crawdad pattern.

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      Double Bunny


      Two strips of rabbit with just enough flash. Great in both rivers and lakes. It's the classic pattern you've never used before.

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      The Double-bou is designed to be effective on steelhead/salmon, trout and smallmouth. It's articulated/jointed with two puffs of marabou. I recommend blue, black and brown for steelhead/salmon and trout. Black and brown for smallmouth. Pink for Alaska or Westcoast Salmon and Steelhead.

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      Harry Thriller

      from $9.99

      The Harry Thriller is essentially a fly that when wet is heavy enough to be cast by a regular spinning/casting rod. It’s designed for northern pike and musky. Original: 8" Jr: 6".

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      JJ's Special


      The JJ's Special is an excellent pattern for smallmouth, walleye, trout and steelhead. It imitates a crawfish, scupin or minnow. Try tipping the hook with a sofl plastic or live bait. The rubber legs, marabou and flash give an extremely lifelike appearance and action.

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      Matt's Fox-Z Twitch


      Matt’s Fox-Z Twitch is designed to be effective for walleye, smallmouth, brown trout and steelhead. For lake species you can add a soft plastic and for river species just tie on your line and hold on.

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      Morklock Flats Jig


      Designed in collaboration with guide Kevin Morlock to target aggressive carp in the Great Lakes.

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      Rabid Wabbit


      Rabbit strip minnow and leech pattern with marabou and silicone legs. Designed to target walleye, bass and trout. Especially effective on tentative spring smallmouth and walleye. 4 inches long.

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      The Roo-Too came from a collaboration with Doug Stange, Editor-in-Chief of In-Fisherman. We asked if there was a highly effective hair jig that most fishermen don’t know about. He said, ‘The Rock-a-roo, designed by Cap Kennedy who was an early day jig-fishing and fly-tying wizard.” We took Stanges recommendation seriously and developed a contemporary version with a few design updates. We named our version, the Roo-Too. Effective on bass and walleye.

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      The Scoby is a sculpin and goby imitation. A killer jig for trout, steelhead and bass living in rivers and lakes. Roughly 3.5 inches long.

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      The Sculptor is articulated/jointed, 5 inches long with a ram's wool head, rabbit strips and UV flash. Designed for steelhead, salmon, giant trout and bass.

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      Swamp Donkey


      The Swamp Donkey is articulated/jointed and features a hand-sculpted deer hair head with a marabou tail. Designed for steelhead, salmon and monster trout. White is great for bass and salmon.

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      Wooly Flash


      The same as the Wooly Jig filled out with flash and extra marabou to track down aggressive fish. Effective on bass and all trout species.

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      Wooly Jig


      This jig imitates just about everything including minnows, leeches, and helgramites. You name it. This jig has saved many days fishing that could've been bad.

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      Wooly Minnow


      Save 43%

      Wooly Minnow: a realistic minnow pattern for all species. Trout, smallmouth and walleye. Get them quick. There's only a few left.

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